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233 Announcements found.
Date Category Title Type Size
24/07/2018 News June 2018 Quarterly Production Report 783kB
24/07/2018 News Securities coming out of escrow 910kB
10/07/2018 Disclosure Becoming a substantial investor Amaroo Blackdown 312kB
25/06/2018 Disclosure Becoming a substantial shareholder Lido Trading Ltd 656kB
25/06/2018 Disclosure Becoming a substantial shareholder VETL Gary Cochrane 86kB
25/06/2018 News First shipment of Cook coal leaves port 96kB
20/06/2018 News CEO Presentation 1.613MB
19/06/2018 News Appendix 3X Gary Cochrane 589kB
19/06/2018 News Appendix 3X Julie Garland McLellan 590kB
19/06/2018 News Appendix 3X Kevin Jiao 590kB
19/06/2018 News Appendix 3X Rob Stewart 590kB
09/05/2018 News Bounty Mining lodges Prospectus and Secures Strategic Investment 50kB
01/05/2018 Disclosure Bounty Mining Prospectus 1 May 2018 19.034MB
01/05/2018 Reports Wongai 2016 JORC Resource Report 6.902MB
01/05/2018 Reports Wongai 2017 Independent Technical Report 3.497MB
30/04/2018 Governance Audit Committee Charter 377kB
30/04/2018 Governance Continuous Disclosure Policy 91kB
30/04/2018 Governance Diversity Policy 50kB
30/04/2018 Governance Nominations Committee Charter 75kB
30/04/2018 Governance Privacy Policy 144kB
30/04/2018 Governance Remuneration Committee Charter 77kB
30/04/2018 Governance Risk Committee Charter 115kB
28/03/2018 News Media Release 28 March 2018 358kB
22/03/2018 Company Report Half Year Financial Report 31 December 2017 971kB
24/01/2018 News Results of General Meeting 1.022MB
11/01/2018 Company Meetings JT Boyd Expert Report for EGM 3.687MB
08/12/2017 News Completion of Acquisition of Cook Colliery 121kB
27/11/2017 News Board Restructure 408kB
24/11/2017 News Results of AGM 872kB
10/11/2017 News Purchase of Cook Colliery and $17m Raising 239kB
20/10/2017 News Notice of AGM with Explanatory Statement and Proxy Form 386kB
20/10/2017 News Proposed Replacement Constitution 581kB
06/10/2017 Company Report Bounty Mining Limited Yearly Report for Year Ended 30 June 2017 21.384MB
27/06/2017 News Renewal of EPC2334 293kB
15/03/2017 Company Report Bounty Mining Limited Half Yearly Report for Half Year Ended 31 December 2016 4.645MB
25/01/2017 News Results of General Meeting 252kB
12/01/2017 News Renegotiation of Loan Facility 111kB
09/01/2017 News Change of address 12kB
16/12/2016 News Notice of General Meeting - Share Consolidation 389kB
07/12/2016 News Completion of Phase 2 Works 204kB
01/12/2016 News Closure of Rights Issue 12kB
30/11/2016 News Results of Annual General Meeting 14kB
11/11/2016 News Updated Mineral Resource Estimation Report 7.293MB
07/11/2016 News Closure of Rights Issue 116kB
27/10/2016 News Notice of Annual General Meeting 412kB
19/10/2016 News Extension of Closing Date - Rights Issue 13kB
29/09/2016 News Lodgement of Supplementary Offer Information Statement 109kB
23/09/2016 Company Report Bounty Mining LImited Annual Report FY16 413kB
23/09/2016 News Lodgment of Offer Information Statement 118kB
18/08/2016 News Appointment of Directors 111kB