Cook Colliery

The 2019 Coal Resource estimate has identified a total Coal Resource estimate of 210 million tonnes (Mt) for Cook Colliery and the adjoining Cook North project. The resource estimate is comprised of:
        •    Measured - 15 Mt
        •    Indicated - 155 Mt
        •    Inferred  -   40 Mt

Mining has been undertaken at Cook Colliery for more than 20 years and is from the Rangal coal measures. Early mining was in the Castor coal seam, but resources in this area are now depleted and mining has moved to the Argo seam which is 15 to 20 metres below the Castor seam. Current mining is in the Argo seam which is formed from a coalescing of the Pollux and Orion seams to form a combined seam which is up to 4.3 metres thick.

Bounty currently operates a fleet of three bolter/continuous miner fleets with a fourth fleet to be introduced to underground operations by early September 2018. Further expansion opportunities are under investigation including additional fleets that may include place change mining to eventually build production to a nominal 2.2 Mtpa run of mine production rate. 

Infrastructure at the Cook Colliery and Cook CHPP

Run of mine coal at the Cook Colliery is trucked 14 km along a sealed private haul road from the mine to the Cook CHPP which has a 500 tonne per hour nominal capacity.  There is a dedicated rail loop and train loading facility at the Cook CHPP capable of handling up to 8,500 tonne capacity trains. The train loading facility is approximately 290 km from the RG Tanna Coal Terminal which is a high capacity, multi blending coal terminal at the Port of Gladstone.

The Cook North Project is located between the Cook Colliery and the Cook CHPP. It is proposed that the Bounty Group would access the infrastructure described below for the Cook North Project given the proximity to existing operations. The major mine and Cook CHPP infrastructure includes:

•    existing underground mine with fans, rising conveyors, access drift, electricity supply, workshop, warehouse, run of mine stockpile  infrastructure, administration   building   and   bathrooms   to   accommodate   a   mining   rate   in excess of 2.2Mt per annum;
•    paved 13 km internal haulage road from Cook Colliery to the Cook CHPP;
•    original coal  handling   plant   built   in   1970s   with   a   major  upgrade   program completed in 2015.  The upgrade included the installation of a new run of mine feed system, new coal fines recovery circuit, two new screen bowl centrifuges to achieve a nameplate capacity of 500 tonnes per hour;
•    coal storage and handling for two products (coking and thermal coal).
•    rail loop, train loading and associated rail infrastructure immediately adjacent to the Cook CHPP; and
•    two active tailings storage facilities.

The train loading facility is linked via the Blackwater rail corridor to the coal export terminals (WICET and RG Tanna) at the Port of Gladstone. The train loading facility is approximately 290km from the Port of Gladstone (approximately 5 hours railing time).

The RG Tanna Coal Terminal is a facility which is located at the Port of Gladstone and has deep water access for a range of ocean going bulk vessels to take product to international coal markets.