Cook North

The Cook North Project is located 3km north of the Cook Colliery. It is a development project which the Company believes is primarily suited to bord and pillar underground mining methods but with the potential for some open cut mining. Resource details are included in the summary table for Cook/Cook North.

Cook North will be mining in the Rangal coal measures and is located immediately north of the Cook Colliery in the northern area of ML 1799. It is in this area that the Castor and Pollux Seams combine and coalesce to form the Gemini seam which can be up to 5 metres thick. Mining may also be undertaken in the Aries seam above the Castor seam but this can have lower coking coal properties.

It is anticipated that Cook North will leverage off the existing infrastructure at the Cook Colliery and Cook CHPP as it sits geographically between both assets.

A prefeasibility study has commenced to determine the best options for development of the Cook North resource including assessing the potential for a small open cut on the western, shallower side of the tenement which could also provide future access to the larger underground resource.